Our Family Story

Brothers Charles and John Leadbetter

Brothers Charles and John Leadbetter were young butchers in Staffordshire, England.   In 1905, Charles traveled to Toronto, Canada, seeking a better life for his family.   The next year, his wife Florence with children Annie, Hilda, Jack and Harry, and his brother John, joined him.

The Leadbetters

The Leadbetters eventually settled to farm north of the city.   In 1926, Leadbetter’s Butcher Store, was established on Main Street, Markham, Ontario.

Bill Leadbetter (son of Jack), eventually set out on his own.   In 1974 he moved his young family to Washago, Ontario and opened Leadbetter’s Market.   By 1981, Bill had set up a new location providing butchering and meat products to his customers.

During the 1980’s, he created the “Cowboy Steak”, a marinated cross rib cut which proved to be very popular on the BBQ.   The Leadbetter reputation soon spread through central Ontario.

In 1990, his son Philip, (4th Generation) became general manager, expanding the operations to include a processing plant and distribution warehouse.   A larger specialized facility was built in Orillia in 2001 and was certified by Canadian Food Inspection Agency in 2005.   A second, custom built production plant and warehouse opened in 2012.

Today from these two modern facilities, the Leadbetter family still proudly provides Good Taste and Value as we have for almost a century.

Our Mission

Leadbetters thrives to offer good taste and value to our custumers!